Mexico Week 6: Spiritual Adventure Part 1 -Understanding the past and present

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Though I’m neither religious nor spiritual, I do take an interest in and appreciate different belief systems, as they have been the cornerstone of most civilizations. That being said, I surprised myself on the number and level of involvement in religious and/or spiritual activities in which I participated. To say I stepped out of my comfort zone is an understatement, and at the end these were some of the most memorable and enriching experiences of my time in Mexico. This topic will be covered in two posts.

Mexican ancestral energy healing

My first experience was focused on learning Mexican ancestral energy healing and cleansing. Which was hosted in our teacher’s, Marcela, apartment on the outskirts of Tulum. I didn’t know what to expect, maybe some sageing, maybe some chanting. I wanted to keep my mind open to the possibilities.

During the two-hour session there was egg cleansing, herbal cleansing and fire cleansing/healing (in that order). The use of herbs and/or fire healing/cleansing are pretty standard in most tribal spiritualism practices around the globe, though I hadn’t really experienced it before this. I enjoyed learning and participating in both, and it provided a good foundation for my temezcal (Mayan sweat lodge) experience.

However, the egg cleansing was something I was completely unfamiliar with, and honestly scarred me a little. Christian, a participant in the session, opted to not to do the egg cleansing as he had done it in the past in Honduras and was traumatized by the outcome. Apparently, he had some really evil energy in him. I’m thinking if he knew egg cleansing was part of the session he would not have signed up.

My concern was not about ritual outcome – transferring bad energy from the body to the egg – but the actual physical act. Another participant, whom I just met, John, WOULD BE RUBBING AN EGG ALL OVER MY BODY AND I WOULD DO THE SAME TO HIM!

I don’t know how you would feel, but this was rather disconcerting. Some strange guy would be touching me with an egg from the top of my head down to the tips of toes (over clothing, thankfully). Plus, I was concerned that my awkwardness/nervousness/anxiety would impact the energy readings/healings for both of us. Thankfully, John was very respectful and we both laughed at the awkwardness of the situation. And it turns out I have really good energy!

Note: We saw some pictures of “bad eggs” (aka really bad energy) and that stuff is freaky!

Afterwards, I gave John and his friend Joe, my fire cleansing partner, a ride back to their casita. Which, honestly, is not something I normally would have done – get in a car with two men I met a couple hours ago. However, after you awkwardly rub eggs on each other, are you really strangers anymore?

Now that my energy was cleaned, I was ready to learn more.

Mayan natal chart reading

My second spiritual experience, involved no physical contact (whew!), as it was a Mayan natal chart reading over Zoom with Alejandro. During this session, I discovered that my Mayan birth symbol/destiny is Lamat (star) and my birth moon is a Bat.

Lamat characteristics are: art, beautify and elegance. I could totally see this! Art – my undergraduate is in fine arts, and I love the study of art…check! Beautify – I love decorating and beautifying spaces. The buyers of my house said “It looked like a magazine”…check! Elegance – anyone who has been to one my holiday parties knows they are elegant affairs, even if the conversation can be a little ribald…check!  

However, Lamat can be judgmental and has an ideal of harmony that is difficult to achieve, and opposes what contradicts that ideal. Feelings of insecurity, disconnection from self and lack of appreciation are a regular challenge. A sleeping star is frustrated and dissatisfied for not channeling that creative energy.

Check! Check! Check!

Bats are “leaders by nature and their charisma is unmatched. They pursue success in any activity in which they operate and generally succeed in their chosen profession. They need to have a purpose that motivates them in what they undertake, they are able to a great extent to attract what they need for that purpose. They are overprotective but independent, above all they will make clear their love for freedom.”

This sounded like me, except maybe the charisma part. Essentially, my birth chart saying I’m independent and need a creative purpose to be satisfied. Which I agree with 100%.

During the session I also learned about the Mayan calendar, the Mayan view of the universe and the importance of 13 and 20 in the Mayan culture. All of which was fascinating!

Then the session took a turn for the strange, when Alejandro explained his belief that early human advancement was the work of visiting aliens. Not sure how we got on that tangent, but it was part of his PowerPoint presentation, so he was prepared for it, but I wasn’t.

Private manifestation

My third spiritual session was around learning how to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality. I met with Susan at her apartment, as getting into my compound is akin to Fort Knox, complete with heavily armed guards. Susan explained how she had been a corporate travel agent in Australia, then had a vision of herself dancing on a palm tree-lined beach. So, she ditched her job and ended up in Tulum. I totally got it.  

As we went through the session, where I was dutifully taking notes, I felt like I was in a strategy planning session, minus the business jargon. She explained a pyramid of consciousness, which reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Overall, I could completely understand what she was saying.

Then she led me through a guided meditation, which was really amazing. I had done some guided meditation in the past at work during some mindfulness classes. However, this was a vastly different experience, and I felt really connected to myself and the present.  I think the location difference helped: lying on a couch in Tulum while listening to the rain outside is vastly different that sitting in a hotel ballroom with a bunch of type A executives listening to the hum of an air conditioner.

Lastly, Susan had me pull a card from her goddess guidance oracle cards. I randomly selected a card – Conventina (Purification) – that had the saying “It is time for cleansing detoxification of your body and mind.”

Essentially, it meant it was time for a change/to continue focusing on change. My whole purpose of coming to Mexico was to reset, relax and establish healthy habits. I felt this was the confirming/validating this decision.

Next up: Spiritual Adventure Part 2: Rebirth and reconnection

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